The Christmas Party Part 1

Think back to a time when you wanted to cringe the most. When you were so embarrassed you wanted the ground to open up and swallow you and anytime you thought about it the days and years that followed you cringe like it just happened. That was my life. I know I am socially awkward sometimes but I didn’t think I was this bad. I thought my last experience topped it all, but guys, this one; I’ve really messed up.

So there is this cutie at my work place. I know I know, workplace romance is a no no, If my last relationship taught me anything it was to run away from it. But here I am thinking of someone  I am pretty sure I am older than. But like my 22 year old encounter last time, I am not asking people’s ages now. After all, age is just a number no?

Joel is one of the very few straight guys at work and you know how rare that is. I spotted him when he joined the team, He was cute enough to melt your heart with his eyes. He had what I can only describe as gentle eyes that just wanted to cuddle you and making you feel safe. A smile that just made you feel special and a body…well let’s just say God didn’t have two left hands when making him. My shifts at the airport were just more enjoyable with him there.

I couldn’t get rid of my shift in time for the party. Everyone wanted the night off so they could go to the annual Christmas party. Joel was going after work and asked me if I’d come.

“No I’m going to sit this one out, this is day 6 of 6 at work and I’m done” I said with a laugh.

“oh damn, you’re a trooper, anyway, a bunch of us are just going for some food and then we are going to head out to the club. I would love if you came, you know, it would be cool.” Oooh am I being asked on a date?

Wait but why did he end the sentence so badly? Ugh nonchalant stuff, does he want me to come or nah?

“Carol?” He said looking into my eyes. I must have been thinking too long. “Are you down?” He said with his puppy eyes. “Give me a call when you’re leaving and I’ll see where I’m at”

Gurl! Lies you tell! You just want him to call you! No! Its a legitimate ask!

As I clock out after a a gruelling 12 hour day, all I can think of is sleep. Four to Four may just not be for me. Who am I kidding, the money is good. The couch looked so comfy when I got home. The sun was just setting and the outside world was winding down, I sat as The long day is over played in the background. Norah Jones just got me.  4 hours into sleeping on the couch I heard my phone ringing…”Hello?” I said groggily into the phone.

“Carol? Is that you? Did I catch you sleeping?” This sexy voice said on the other end. “Who dis?” Trying to sit up in the couch. “Joel”

Joel?! He’s going to think I’m a grandma with my voice!

I cleared my throat throat and rubbed my eyes. “Oh hey! How’s the party?” I said trying to put some life into my voice. “We are heading to Republic, are you still down? I can come pick you up.” He said. “Oh I’m cool, I’m just waking up…” “Yeah I can tell” he interrupted. “Shut up” I responded, smiling into the phone. “I can’t make it. I’d have to get ready.” “I’ll wait for you.” Why did my stomach just do a flip? I must be hungry. The thought of him waiting for me tickled me all around.

Thirsty girl

“No, that’s ok. I’ll meet you there”, I said against my better judgement.

Yeah Carol, leave the thirst in the dark.

An hour later I was ready to step out. At 10:00 I was leaving my house to go out. I am leaving my house at night and not being paid to. This was a miracle happening people! Let it be put down in the history books!

Can you please stop being so dramatic.

I gave my own self a side eye. Please tell me I’m not the only one who talks to herself like this. As I walked out the elevator, There he was, sitting in the Lobby; Joel. “What the hell? What are you doing here?” I said as I walked to him. He got up and I swear it was just like the movies “waiting for you” he said softly. “Why didn’t you tell me? How long have you been waiting? You should have told me. I would have hurried up. How did you even know where I live?” “Carol, I have been here before, I helped you move here” He said smiling at me “Oh right, I forgot”  I said putting my phone into my purse. “You look beautiful”

Omo Omo Omo what is this? Is this a date now? She wasn’t ready! Calm your heart Carol. It’s really not that deep

“Thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself. Let’s get going. I’m sure everyone will be wondering where we are”

Who are we kidding, the man looked fantastic. Shirts shouldn’t fit this well! He calls a cab and we head downtown to Granville street. I asked a few questions about the party, who was there, you know the basics. Just enough to keep us going. When we got to the club, there was a line up. We joined the queue and waited to get in. 3 girls walk up to us all giggly and drunk. They start chatting him up in that annoying high pitched horribly melodic off key voice. “you are soooo cuuuuute” one of them say touching his chest.

Girl, move or you will be moved.

That is my favourite line from Captain America civil war. You know the scene, just search it on youtube to know what I am talking about. It wasn’t necessary though, Joel took her hand and dropped it and then reached behind him and grabbed unto my hand. Yaaasss. Why am I even reacting like this? When the girls saw this they looked at me and walked off. I really wanted to cock my head to the side. But this isn’t a date! “Weird” he said looking at me. “I don’t blame them” I said without thinking

I told you you were thirsty! No! Thats not what I meant!

He smiled at that and pulled me along, we were now at the front of the line. “Come on” I was definitely drinking tonight! What is wrong with me? We joined our other coworkers inside. The music wasn’t too bad. Today was 90’s night, it was still a little early so not that many people were inside. Our friends were already wasted, my song came on and I just had to dance. Truthfully, I needed to get away just for a moment. But honestly who doesn’t dance to Salt-N- Pepa’s Shoop? I think I was out there for about 25 minutes. Sweating my hair out. I danced off the floor towards the bar for a drink. Joel was at the bar. “You can really dance! I have been watching you the whole time! What are you getting? It’s on me” he said very close to my ear because the music was so loud. “Oh you don’t have to.” “Naah I got you” he said touching my shoulder.  Why am I being extra sensitive about this? It’s nothing! I told him what dink I wanted, I took it in one shot and he just looked at me and smiled. “A lot of people have been asking me about you” I said. “What do you mean? What have they been asking?” I asked. “Well if I tell you I’m going to have to kill you” I just giggled at that. Hitting his chest slightly with my palm I asked him what he meant. I can swear he hardened his pecs. Damn someone’s been working out! “Come dance with me,” after my second shot. We danced for about 15 mins and headed back to the bar. We were both buzzed now. With his back to the bar he asked if I wanted another drink. I leaned over him to get my drink from the bar and took my shot, he just kept staring at me. There was a moment of slow motion, the music was muted, and it felt like it was just us staring at each other. I looked at his lips and I went in for a kiss. Bang bang bang! It was a great kiss. I was completely into it when

Wait, aren’t I seeing someone?…

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