Business Card

​”If you’re just joining us here in the boarding lounge welcome to WestJet flight 883 with service to Toronto. My name is Anna and my colleague Carol and I will get you going just as soon as we get a thumbs up from our crew. We do have a few announcements before we board…”

This was the red eye flight. I watched the boarding lounge as Anna went through her announcements. As with all announcements, most people zone out and today wasn’t any different. Even I was zoning out, but hey, I had been here for  11.5 hours already. I was excused. Don’t judge. A few people were already asleep, some were having dinner and others were just sitting there idly looking into space as they waited to board the flight.We had a special group of people going on the flight today. A film crew with their cast going on a destination shoot in Jamaica. If only I weren’t so tired I could pretend to care and show some effort for this cast. Whooo the squad was  good looking. 14 fit men looking like they were going to compete at Mr. World. But I was much too tired to care about the group.

Finally it was time to board the flight. “We are ready to begin boarding. At this time we would like to invite our guests seated in the emergency exit rows, rows 13 and 14, guests who need extra time or assistance and if you are traveling with children under the age of five please come on up with your boarding pass and ID and see Carol on your right…” Naturally everyone on the flight fell under that category. I heard Anna give the same announcement again and politely ask those who did not fall under the categories mentioned to please take a seat till they were called on.

From time to time I like to personalize my boarding. As guests came up I’d compliment their photo, outfit, smile, eyes anything I could to make them smile. Woe betide you if you show up to board and its not your turn. I turn into the “No soup for you!” guy on Seinfeld and this was the last flight of the night, and the last task of my day. I was putting in every energy I had left to finish hard and go home.

A family of 12 came up to board. Hold up! how are there 12 of you?! I could tell mom was already over this trip. Everyone shuffled behind her as she dropped 12 passports and boarding passes on my counter. Naah bruh, not today. “I’ll need you to step aside and match all boarding passes to passports and I only need to see passports of adults 18 and over.” There was no way I was now going to sort this for them. When the announcements were made, where were you? They stepped aside in a huff and did as asked as I helped other guests. In my line of work you have learn to reset your mindset. Every guest is a chance to offer a different experience.

Thats when he came up. “Hi, how are you?  I asked as he handed me his ID and boarding pass. I looked at his picture and raised my head to confirm his identity. Damn he was cute! and tall. Nobody’s government picture ever does them justice. “I’m good, how are you?” he said as he smiled. “Good thank you. I love your eyes Daniel.” Clearly I have a thing for eyes. I mean if you don’t have beautiful eyes it seems we cannot work. His eyes looked as blue and beautiful as a sunny Vancouver day with not a dark cloud in sight. His blue eyes had cirrus clouds of even darker blue. Don’t ask how I was able to tell with one look. I just opened my eyes! As I passed his ID and boarding pass back to him, with his other hand he placed what looked like a business card face down on my counter. “I have been watching you and I love the way you connect with each guest. I just wanted you to have this.” With that he walked unto the jetway as I boarded other guests. Why at all are there more people to board I want to look at the card! Was it his business card? His number? Just then there was more energy in me to do a great job. Once we had everyone scanned in, I turned the card over.

              I just wanted to inform you that

               I find you quite attractive

                  Have an awesome day!

I smiled and did a little happy shimmy dance. Oh man! I had to see this guy again. I went on board to do my final head count and I walked past him to the last row. After I confirmed the count and I made my way back to the front I stopped at 11D to look at him again. Yep he was still cute! even cuter now. Man this airport isn’t so bad to work at. “Thank you” I said with a smile. “You’re welcome. See you in a week” YASSSS cue another shimmy dance after I got off the plane. I told Anna what he said and she said “Cool! Wait aren’t you on vacation next week?” Nooooooo!!!

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