How we Met

Another harrowing day at the airport. I was beyond exhausted. As usual, some guests had tried it. What else was new with this job? I had come all the way for a 5-hour shift and now it was time to make that 2-hour journey back. A four-hour journey for a 5-hour shift, there was something missing in that math equation; SENSE! I always try and swipe out exactly when I am off, just so I can make it in time to get the first train out. This time, I was stuck with a guest who was refusing to pay for their overweight bags and trying to blame me and trying to cajole me into letting them go. Honestly, I would have just let it slide but she was just so rude!  (Airport tip people: Be nice to the agents; we can be so helpful.) I really tried to be nice to her. She was going on a 2 weeks vacation with 4 bags (don’t ask) I tried to get her to redistribute the weight but she wouldn’t and started swearing at me. That was it for me. I didn’t care about the train, I made sure I charged her that $300! Is that too much? Absolutely, but I don’t make the rules. I just follow them. Anyway; back to how we met.

So I had missed the first train out, but I was still feeling pretty good. I had stuck to my guns and collected my due; I mean the company’s due. It was summer out, It was only 8pm and light out on a SATURDAY! All anomalies in my work life because,

  1. I only ever work nights
  2. I never get a weekend off let a lone get off early
  3. It was still light out.

No I didn’t have any plans, but that’s beside the point. I wasn’t going to get home at 2/3 a.m. As I walked to the train platform I noticed my train was still on the platform. For a split second I thought of running for it. “No Carol, we don’t run for bus” a now age-old saying my girlfriends and I swear is a part of being a lady. It’s really just because we don’t want to look stupid and out of breath when the bus leaves without us. I watched on as the train doors closed and left the platform. It just wasn’t meant to be or was it?

When I got to the platform, I noticed this man sitting on the trashcan. Just sitting there on his phone. He wasn’t an employee so I guessed he was just coming in from somewhere. He had no luggage; (my type of traveler) He wore these underarmour olive green shorts and a white t-shirt that fit all the right places if you know what I mean. On his feet, he wore olive green adidas Nmd’s  and wristbands that matched his shorts and sneakers. stylish. The first thing I loved about him was his hair, he was a mixed race guy and he had that African kinky hair but with much bigger curls. I wanted to run my hands through his hair. I thought he was cute. But let’s be real, it was the airport. I had seen a number of cute guys in the last 2 years. I didn’t get to see his eyes but he was lighter skinned; caramel to be exact and built. He had that 5 o’clock shadow beard that was just working for me. I swear that was just a quick glance.  As the next train came in, he looked up and that was it. Oh my God his eyes. Striking, beautiful the kind you dive into and never want to come out of. How do I explain this; remember Jesse Williams and his speech at the BET awards? Yeah that guy, calling on all black people to shake up the establishment? YAASS. That guys eyes. 

So here was the modern day dilemma. Do I let him get on the train first so I can sit by him? Or do I get on first so hopefully he sits by me? I went with the latter. And he sat behind me. Needless to say I was disappointed, but no fear. I just needed to get a picture of him. I didn’t want to seem vain. A selfie would make me vain. Thankfully, 4 ladies got on the train and wanted to sit together, I got up and decided to give up my seat. See? I’m a nice person. I swear I was going to sit by him next but I felt so awkward, I sat behind him. You stupid girl! Now how is this going to work. You can’t see his eyes! But I can see his shoulders and hair!  The guy I sat next to had a huge suitcase in front of him. I tried to be sly and ask if he was comfortable because he had no legroom. The silly guy said yes he was and that he sat this way so someone could sit by him. See, normally that would make me smile. A genuinely nice person, instead of all the people who hog up the seats on the train. But not today.Today this guy was public enemy number 1! No help at all. A bona fide cock blocker! arrgh! Now what? I resigned myself to my fate of this ‘shoulders and back of the head’ viewpoint. I sent a whatsapp message to some of my girlfriends to fill them in on this hunka hunka I was looking at.

Chat name: Shonda Rhimes fans… (you know how we spend our Thursday nights)

Me: I’m just looking at this half co heh

His eyes

I don’t know how I can take a pic

Now I’m sitting behind him


As fate would have it, just as the train doors were about to close, my co-worker walked in! OMG! She stood across from him and waived at me. She started to walk towards me but I didn’t want her to stand awkwardly in the middle of the isle. Yeah right! I go up to her and we talk for a bit. I purposely had my back to him so it would seem like I was ignoring him a little. But who was I kidding? I was dying inside.

She offered me a ride home and I said yes. Free ride, why not? Why would I say yes?! It meant I was getting off 2 stops away! Away from the dreamboat! “Actually, I forgot, I’m going downtown. I promised I’d buy my mum shoes. Thank you  Sarah.” Sarah said “no problem” and kept talking and I kept pretending to listen phew! That was close!. When she got off, I turned towards my dreamboat holding my phone. I know you’re wondering, did I talk to him at all? Be patient people! It’s a journey, feel the anxiety I felt.


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