How we Met pt 2 


Someone was sitting by him now. Mr. dreamy was busy on his phone, while I pretended to do the same. I did the only logical thing a modern girl with a crush does, I was slyly trying to get a good shot of him to send to my girls. (Ohh its just me who does that? Well then…) I really just wanted to show them his eyes!

Tip: MAKE SURE your flash and camera clicker sounds are off. The nightmares I have witnessed…

When I finally got a good shot, let me break it down. Timing was perfect and I thank my i-phone burst mode for this. He had just raised his head to look outside and I got a shot just as the sun hit him in the eyes. Man, the glow, lawd! I sent it to my chat group.

Shonda Rhimes fans:
Me: Photo (yooooo)
Yaa: Oooh nice 😏
Serwaa: HerrrrrhCarol this is your last chance!😜

That was the affirmation I needed go make this happen. Whatever this meant.

 Me: Why do I have to be in uniform today? today of all days!
 Yaa: lmao! Don’t let it stop you. Show him your pearly 32. LOL

I wasn’t feeling the ‘flyest’ all of a sudden, but I am always confident in my smile. It has served me well so many times. Finally the person sitting by him got up and I sat by him. I opened up my chat to give an update to my girls and Oh snap! His photo was right there! I turned my phone over praying he didn’t see it. If he did, he did not let on. What am I doing? This isn’t me. I’m known as the straight shooter. Oozing confidence in all situations. Why was it different this time? For a split second I felt vulnerable and insecure. There had been times my confidence hadn’t worked. What if today is one of them? I wish he would just talk to me.

In my head I was going through all the possible ways to begin the conversation when someone walked over and helped me do just that. Darn it! Just at the next stop, this red haired caucasian beauty walked up to him “I just wanted to tell you, you’re very beautiful”. “Thank you” he said, and she walked off the train. That was my line! You slack! now what?

“She’s right. You have very beautiful eyes.” There I spoke up! Church bells ringing, birds chirping, the whole shebang!  “Wow, thank you. I don’t think I deserve this ego boost today” was his response. I told him to just take it as it comes today. I turned back to my phone because I needed a moment to recover from opening my mouth. I started playing Kendrick Lamar’s song Alright. What I really wanted to do was text my girlfriends to say I had spoken to him but he was looking over at my phone screen, recognized the song and started singing along! He loved Kendrick! I’m cool people, he’s cool people! Yes, maybe Kendrick’s album was the only rap hip hop album I had on my phone but hey, I had it, I bought it, all else is irrelevant. Don’t kill my vibe.

He asked me if I was going to the Pemberton festival. I really don’t know why I said yes. Maybe I felt I had to keep up the ruse of being cool. All I knew about the festival was that it was crowded, loud, camping, hot, noisy, all the things I avoid. Anyway, a girl was trying to impress! “I’m Carol” stretching my hand out for a hand shake, “Hi, I’m Warren, nice to meet you”. Ooh likewise boo (thinking of all the Warrens I know…solid) “Nice to meet you too” I replied. We continued talking. He asked me what I did and if I got discounts at the airport, common question everyone would like to know. “We do ok” I said with a shrug of my shoulder. He was just coming back from his first visit to Vegas and turns out, he didn’t like the city very much. He said 4 days was too much time to spend there. Oh thank God, not a gambler, probably not a smoker, not a party animal? (am I the only one who reasons like this?). I said I had never been and he advised if I ever did go, 2 days would be sufficient.

“So what do you do?” I asked. “I’m a personal trainer” Of course you are, its Vancouver. A personal trainer, an outdoorsy, let’s go hike the Chief or Grouse grind. I really should stop making assumptions on the kind of person he may be. He mentioned he had his own business and that I’m really cool for going to university because he doesn’t think he could stick to that for 4 years. Uh oh, girl… no uni, but he has his own business downtown and he lives downtown too, he must be doing well to live downtown. Of course he is, look at him! looooook…Come on, pay attention Carol!

I brought my straying mind back and started actively listening again. He was being very nice and even if we just spoke for while, this was a nice treat compared to my usual ‘off late, don’t talk to me, I’m off the clock’ rides. Twenty minutes later, we were walking out of the Vancouver City Centre station, “have dinner with me sometime, may I have your number?” he asked stretching out his phone to me. Yasssss no way! Inside me I was doing my little happy dance. You goof! take the phone from him! I gave him back his phone and he called me. I looked at my incoming call, “That’s my number,” he said as he entered my name. He asked which way I was going and we happen to be going in the same direction. I told him I was going to buy shoes for my mom. Yep, I was sticking to that story. I was really going to buy myself shoes. It was pay-day and I was winning big today. He walked me to the entrance of the shoe store, we said our goodbyes, talk to you later and he was gone.

My mind was too preoccupied to make a wise decision in purchasing a pair of shoes. I just walked right back out as I opened my messages. Five messages!

Shonda Rhimes fans:
Serwaa: Carol! where are you?🤔
We are waiting
Yaa: Carooool did you talk to him?
Herh, how can you start and disappear like that?
Carol, we need a better picture

Me: Yo, Patience, I was talking with him.
I can’t be rude and answer your text while he’s talking
Serwaa: Finally! what did you say?
Ei talking all this time?!
What’s his name?
Yaa: Yeah, what’s his name?

I sent them a voice message giving them a quick rundown of what happened.

Yaa: He asked for your number? Ei, G!😎
Serwaa: Correct! my kind of guy😋
Yaa: We need a better picture let me find him on Facebook. Whats his last name?
Me: I don’t know.
Serwaa: Yaa she just met him how will she know his last name?

Two minutes later Yaa shares a photo of him from google in the chat group.

Me: What?! how did you find this?!🤔
Yaa: Google✌🏾😎🕵🏾‍♀️
Serwaa: FBI! what did you search for?
Yaa: Warren, personal trainer, downtown Vancouver. Then I went through images. How else? Lol 💁🏾‍♀️
His business seems to be doing well. I’m just looking at his website.
Carol the gym is on Robson and Nelson somewhere
Me: OMG Yaa, stahp🙈🙊
Serwaa: Trust!🙌🏾🙌🏾🤣… The guy is really cute. Carol don’t slack. Yaa, send the link.
Yaa: Yeah, he looks kinda young though
Serwaa: He does. Carol how old is he?

Uh-oh, how old was he? I didn’t think about that at all. I mean he does have a baby face but so do I, or at least that’s what I have been told. Black don’t crack right?


  1. Maybe I need to download music I’m not ever going to listen too. I mean here I come Kendrick Lamar!

    Tell me he is not a baby!!! But then again it’s all about perspective. If you sit in the crib with him, it’s not really robbing the crib. It’s HANGING OUT!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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