Story telling has always been a part of my life. From the amazing stories I told my parents about who actually stole the meat from the soup to dramatizing all the gossip that went down in school on any given day. I have always loved reading and writing. I was the girl who would hide in the bathroom all night just trying to finish a book.

In grade 5 I got introduced to Danielle Steele, my world opened. All I wanted to write was romance novels. Funny story, in grade 6 I wrote my first romance novel. It had parts that a respectable Ghanaian christian girl should not know at that age. Naturally my dad found my story. Oh man! worst experience of my life! I never wrote anything after that, I was traumatised!  Someday I’ll tell that story when I can speak to it without cringing.

Anyway, this platform is going to be for story telling. I want to share my writing with the world. The more I write and share, the more I hope to improve.

Come on this journey with me. Welcome to Carol’s chapters.